Plan your next getaway with these dream holiday destinations

What does you dream holiday look like? It probably starts with sipping wine in an airport lounge, before boarding your business-class flight. Once landed, perhaps you picture yourself chilling in a hammock on a white-sand beach. Maybe you think about the bright lights of a faraway city, where bars, clubs and shows are open around the clock. Or might you dream of something really out there, like riding dune buggies through a golden desert as the sun sets over the sand.

No matter what your dream holiday looks like, why not turn it into a reality this summer? With major airlines now flying to over 200 destinations across the globe, you’re sure to find somewhere offering everything you imagine in a fantasy escape. If you need a little help finding it, just check out our handy Dream Holiday Destinations Guide below. It sheds light on four destinations which frequently pop up on travellers’ holiday bucket lists.

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